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      Zhengye Biological
      Jilin Zhengye Biological Products Co.,Ltd(stock No.:835605),be located in Jilin city of CHINA.in the National-level Jilin economic and technological development Area.It is one of the first 28 veterinary biological products enterprises directly under the ministry of agriculture in China.In 2004,the company from state-owned JiLin province biological products factory(has 50 years of production history) transformed into a private joint-stock enterprise, controlled by JiLin ZhengYe group. Mainly engaged in the production, R&D and sales of animal biological products and diagnostic reagents, etc. The company is a member of the standing council of China animal husbandry and veterinary society and a member of the Chinese veterinary medicine association, and has passed the GMP certification for three times in a row. Won the title of national high-tech enterprise twice, and was named Jilin city science and technology advanced unit, Jilin strategic emerging industries enterprise. In 2016, successfully listed on the NEEQ.
      The registered capital of the company is RMB 65.60 million and the total assets value is 500 million yuan, the factory covers an area of 91.2 thousand square meters and the construction area is 35 thousand square meters, The total purification area is over 20,000 square meters. existing 14 GMP production line(Including suspended cell floating culture and genetic engineering production line),It adopts the advanced suspension culture technology and device of Germany SARTORIUS, as well as the automatic production line of automatic feeding and discharging, large capacity freeze-drying machine, bioreactor, washing and drying linkage and subpackage auto-line.
      With 3000 square meters of animal experiment center and intelligent animal temperature measurement system, Simultaneous multi-animal testing and quality evaluation of vaccine products.
      Annual comprehensive production of 18 billion doses/ml, had 35 animal vaccine production approval Numbers,covering swine, poultry, cattle, sheep, dog and other veterinary vaccine products.
      The company has established long-term strategic cooperation and industry-university-research relations with IVDC, Harbin institute of veterinary medicine of the Chinese academy of agricultural sciences, Shanghai institute of veterinary medicine, institute of veterinary medicine of the military medical academy, jilin university, China agricultural university and jilin agricultural university.The research and development center of the company has a purification area of nearly 2000 square meters, and has been designated as jilin provincial technical center and academician workstation. Over the past ten years since its establishment, it has invested over 100 million yuan in research and development, and has been granted 18 national patents for invention and utility models. The products of the company have been sold to more than two dozen provinces and autonomous regions in the country, and many vaccine products have been listed by the government as designated purchase products.
      Company's existing senior professional and technical titles 55 people, including: senior veterinarian, senior accountants, senior engineer, such as 25 people, the veterinarian, accountants, engineers, economists, intermediate professional and technical personnel 28 people, have a graduate degree or above personnel 20 people, and has a nearly 150 people, technical manager as the core, has 10 years of production experience and professional and technical workers to various kinds of vaccine production technology mature team.
      Over the past decade, the company has been awarded the title of jilin advanced tax paying enterprise for many times, and has been awarded the title of jilin advanced scientific and technological unit and jilin strategic emerging industrial enterprise.Looking forward to the future, zhengye biotechnology will adhere to the mission of "science and technology make animals better", continuously improve customer value and customer experience, and in an era of VUCA, cooperate with customers for a win-win future.
      Update time:2019-07-24



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      Address:No. 1 Alliance Street, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jilin City, Jilin Province Tel:0432-63047170
      Ji ICP is prepared for No. 18003475 Login address

      Copyright: Jilin Zhengye Biological Products company limited by shares


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