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Scotch Whiskies (50mls)

Independent Bottlers


Happy Whisky Drinkers!

We're not like the others. We hand-pick the barrels of whisky in Scotland ourselves. 
The majority of the scotch whiskies in this calendar have never been seen before and will not be seen again. They are single barrel bottlings exclusive to our calendar and you. Cheers!

This Year's Contributors

A.D. Rattray

Our principal purpose is to promote the Stronachie, Cask Islay and Bank Note brands and bottle unusual and exclusive casks of Scotch whisky as part of the A D Rattray Cask Collection range.


We use the taste and aromas of individual whiskies to identify each bottling, rather than the distillery, so the consumer can easily understand the style being purchased.


Samaroli strives to bottle only exceptional expressions of the distilleries their barrels were born from. Worldwide Samaroli has been recognized as a company that cares about attention to detail. They will not compromise on their aim to release only the most outstanding whiskies.


‘Ainneamh’ is Scots Gaelic meaning ‘Rare’, represented by our icon, the elusive white stag. Only seen in Scotland on a handful of occasions, and captured just a few times on camera, this elusive beast perfectly captures our values and the contents of this very special bottle of whisky - strength, majesty and grace. 
This release is limited to just one very special cask of whisky, carefully aged in our warehouses in Scotland before being selected when it has reached the perfect age. Each is bottled the way the distiller intended - without chill filtration or colouring. 


The Shetland Distillery Company is located on the most northerly inhabited island in the UK which is Unst, Shetland Islands. In 2015 they launched a series of “bottled in Shetland” single malt Scotch whisky which sold out within days of being available. In late 2015 they launched a “bottled in Shetland” blended malt Scotch whisky which won a gold medal at San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2016. 
The gin still, installed in 2014, was the first legal distillery in the Shetland Islands, a group of islands that is closer to Norway than to mainland Scotland and which lie at 60 degrees North. The company plan to add a whisky distillery during 2017.


The Malt Whisky Co.

Over the last 10 years The Malt Whisky Company has been purchasing a number of carefully selected casks of aged Scotch Whisky which are continuing to mature at distilleries around Scotland. The company also annually invests in its own small stock of new fillings so that in future years there will be sufficient quality and quantity of casks available for bottling.


Founded in 2011 by Joshua Hatton and Jason Johnstone-Yellin Jewish Whisky Company is faithfully dedicated to independently bottling the world’s finest and rarest single cask whiskies for the diverse members of Single Cask Nation (SCN).


Adelphi takes its name from the Loch Katrine Adelphi Distillery which operated in Glasgow between 1826 and the 1920’sAdelphi has gained an enviable reputation for only selecting the very best single casks of mature whisky that it can find. The selection criteria is based solely on flavour, and the single casks are bottled at natural strength, natural colour and without any chill-filtration.


In the last century, almost one hundred of Scotland’s malt whisky distilleries have been closed or destroyed. Our Head Archivist spends as much as nine months researching how these whiskies would have tasted when last distilled.  We then marry together different aged single malts to create our modern interpretations of these long lost brands.  We’re not claiming this is an exact copy of something that was produced 100 years ago – that would be impossible.  What we are saying is that if these distilleries were still in production today, then this is the style of whisky they would be producing.

Secret spirits co.

Secret Spirits is a small spirits focused company owned and operated by Jonathan and Cindy Bray. Producing products such as the Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar and Rum's Revenge.  Sourcing 25 unique whiskies every year for the latest Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar led to an opportunity for bottling Secret Spirits own barrels of delicious Scotch. Secret Spirits Independent Bottling is now a reality and Jonathan and Cindy are really excited to be taking this next step in developing their passion for great whisky.



Legacy Liquor Call Tel: (604) 331-7900
Angel's Share Call Karen on 01786 835005 /835004 Hebridean Liqueurs Call Roy Lewis on 01436-679935


It was an excellent and nicely varied selection, and I consider it money well spent. I was also impressed by the quality of the packaging, in particular the use of styrofoam block to hold the bottles.Paul Watson

It was really difficult to pick favourites as each day there was something different, but the last week was wonderful. Ron

Wonderful experience! Entertaining and educational. Duncan

Really enjoyed tasting a lot of whiskey that I would not have purchased untasted, I have purchased a couple of the whiskeys to have a chance to enjoy them for the next year - a great way to be introduced to new products with my sons as we shared our view on each scotch over the phone.Christopher

Thanks very much! Great concept and flawless execution. I hadn’t read the blog before picking up my calendar so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Turned out to be very nice whiskies, very well packaged. Following along with your notes daily was useful as well - next year I may try to contribute to the conversation. Jonathan

The whole idea of a Whisky Advent Calendar is awesome and I will very much look for one again next year.Garrett

My wife surprised me with this outstanding gift. It made the march to Christmas day better than the chocolate calendars I received when I was a boy. Well done and I am looking forward to the 2015 selection. Cheers and Happy New Year.Brian

This was an early Christmas present from my wife of only 3 months. It has taken me on a scotch journey I never knew existed.Bryan

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