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      General situation of R&D


      The R&D center of ZhengYe Bio total area is 2000㎡,have 15 research LABS,8 of them are purification laboratories.With more than 80 sets of various experimental equipment,Can simultaneously carry on the bacterial culture, the virus reproduction,cell suspension culture etc,many kind of veterinary vaccines? research,also can production of veterinary biological products diagnostic reagents can be carried out,And various veterinary vaccine new product pilot scale production.

      There are 32 full-time R&D personnel and 61 part-time r&d personnel, full-time R&D personnel accounting for more than 11% of the total enterprise personnel.Among them, 5 have master's degree, 22 have undergraduate degree and 5 have college degree.1 senior professional title, 4 senior professional titles, 9 intermediate professional titles, 18 junior professional titles.

      The R&D team set up one general leader, 9 R&D groups were set up, with one project leader for each group.The project leader is responsible for the research and development test project of the group.Lead team members to conduct relevant experiments and material arrangement.

      In recent years, we have independently developed or carried out new product R&D cooperation projects with many domestic scientific research institutions, colleges and universities and companies in the same industry.In the past five years, there have been 18 R&D projects, and more than 10 million yuan has been invested in R&D and new product cooperation and R&D.Independently developed and declared 9 national patents.Granted 3 patents authorization for invention,15 patents for utility models.

      There are 18 research and development projects, 3 independent research projects and 15 cooperative research and development projects.Cooperation units including:IVDC of CHINA, Harbin veterinary research institute of The Chinese academy of agricultural sciences, Shanghai veterinary research institute of Chinese academy of agricultural sciences,Institute of military veterinary medicine of academy of military medical sciences,China agricultural university, Henan agricultural university and other research institutions.

      Invention patent


      ZhengYe biological company has obtained four authorization of invention patents:

      Preparation method and product of pseudorabies live vaccine

      Strain of H9N2 subtype avian influenza virus and its inactivated vaccine and application

      Vaccine adjuvant and its application in preparation of inactivated vaccine? Newcastle disease

      Porcine circovirus type 2 strain and its inactivated vaccine and application

      The process and technology involved in these invention patents play a great role in improving the quality of ZhengYe biological products and guaranteeing the quality of products.

      15 patents of utility model have been granted (7 of which have been declared for acceptance),Through these patented technologies, the production equipment and facilities are improved meticulously, which can improve bacteria count, virus content, facilitate aseptic control, stabilize equipment parameters and improve equipment performance, reduce the difference between batches and effectively improve product quality.





      The company has established long-term strategic cooperation and industry-university-research relations with IVDC, China academy of agricultural sciences Harbin veterinary research institute, Shanghai veterinary research institute, academy of military medical sciences veterinary research institute, jilin university, China agricultural university and jilin agricultural university.More than ten new products, such as swine,poultry and pets, will be put on the market one after another to protect the health of animals.

      Swine Transmissible Gastroenteritis and Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea and rotavirus(G5 type) Vaccine,Live and Highly pathogenic porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome vaccine,live (HuN4-F112 strain)developed in cooperation with Harbin veterinary research institute of Chinese academy of agricultural sciences,already put in to the market.

      Signed the“ strategic cooperation agreement ”with Shanghai veterinary research institute, and the two sides cooperated in the development and application of new products.Provide great support for the company's product upgrade.

      The animal medical college of agricultural university of China is cooperating with the research and development of recombinant inactivated vaccine of chicken ND disease virus and avian influenza (H9 subtype) virus

      Friendship link:

      Address:No. 1 Alliance Street, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jilin City, Jilin Province Tel:0432-63047170
      Ji ICP is prepared for No. 18003475 Login address

      Copyright: Jilin Zhengye Biological Products company limited by shares


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