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      Swine Mycoplasma Hyopneumoniae Vaccine, Live

      【Main composition and content】

      This product by pig pneumoniae weak strains vaccination chicken embryos, Breeding and harvest yolk sac made emulsion, Add stabilizer, Freeze-dried.

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      【physical features】

      This product is a pale yellow sponge loose conglomeration, Easy away from the bottle, After add diluent dissolved rapidly into a uniform mixed suspension.


      Mycoplasma pneumonia prevention for pig.

      【Usage and dosage】:

      1, Dilution: According to the label on the bottle indicate the head, Diluted with sterilized saline, Per head of 5.0 ml (Contains 1 copy of head).

      2,? Injection method: From the right side of the pig chest After the shoulder blade,into the needle, If encounter frame, the needle can be a little forward or backward, Once pierced the chest can be injected. Vaccine injected muscle can lead to immune failure.

      3, Injection dose: Regardless of size of pig, all 5.0 ml per head.

      【adverse reaction】

      Generally no visible adverse reactions.

      【Matters needing attention】:

      1,? This product is a live vaccine, Should be under the condition of low temperature storage and transport, Dilution of the vaccine should be placed in the ice water, Vaccine unsealed diluted to be finished at a time.

      2,? Use the vaccine in healthy pigs.

      3,? Before 3 days vaccinated and within 30 days after the injection, Don't use oxytetracycline, kanamycin, and mycoplasma pneumoniae has inhibitory drugs to the pig.

      4,? Should choose the right needles, breeding pigs about 10 cm long, 12# needles; piglet application 8# or 9 #needles.

      5,? ?At the injection site must be thoroughly with 5% tincture of iodine disinfection, after injection hole must again with iodine disinfection.A pig with a needle.

      6,? ?No clinical symptoms of swine Best vaccination 1 ~ 2 times a year, and strive to establish immune health breeding.

      7,? Such as individual swine or individual piglets in vaccinated within 30 minutes of allergic reactions, such as shortness of breath or vomiting should immediately injected adrenaline, each 1 ml.

      8,Used vaccine bottles, appliances and vaccines that not use up such as disinfection treatment.

      【 storage 】

      Below 15 ℃ preservation, valid for 11 months.

      【 specification 】

      4 QTY? of head/bottle.


      10 bottle/box,40boxes/carton.


      JiLin ZhengYe Biological Products Co.,LTD

      Address: No.1 LianMeng Street of Economic Development Zone JiLin City,CHINA

      Post code:132101

      Tel:? 0086-432-63056102/63047136

      Fax: 0086-432-63047137

      Friendship link:

      Address:No. 1 Alliance Street, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jilin City, Jilin Province Tel:0432-63047170
      Ji ICP is prepared for No. 18003475 Login address

      Copyright: Jilin Zhengye Biological Products company limited by shares


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