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      Swine Parvovirus? Disease Vaccine, Inactivated(CP-99 Strain)
      【Main composition and content】
      ? This product ingredient is porcine parvovirus (CP – 99 strains) antigen, inactivated before every 0.1 ml at least 105.0TCID50 virus content.
      【physical features】
      White emulsion
      To prevent the pig parvovirus disease.Immune period for 6 months.
      【Usage and dosage】?
      Back-up sows and boars twice in 6 ~ 7 months, Or 3-4 weeks before mating vaccine of inject 2 times(2 time interval for 21 days), Every time a deep muscle injection 2 ml; Multiparity sows and adult boar injection once a year, every time a deep muscle injection of 2 ml.
      【adverse reaction】
      no visible adverse reactions
      【Matters needing attention】
      1,Vaccines should be check carefully before use, if appear demulsification, discoloration, glass has a crack, etc are not used.
      2,The vaccine should be indicate the effective period of use.Must shake well before use, vaccine once open shall limit the finished.
      3,Avoid by all means freezing and high temperature
      4, This vaccine in the affected areas or non-epizootic all can use, without being limited by the seasons.
      5, pregnant sows unfavorable use.
      6,Used vaccine bottles, appliances and vaccines that not use up such as disinfection treatment.
      7,28 days prior to slaughter vaccination is prohibited
      【 specification 】
      【 storage 】
      2-8℃ preservation, valid for 12 months.
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      Post code:132101
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      Fax: 0086-432-63047137

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