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      Product center


      【Main composition and content】

      This product contains Transmissible Gastroenteritis and Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus and rotavirus virus,each dose ≥1.0×105.0TCID50.

      【Physical features】

      This product is yellowish-white or slightly pink sponge loose conglomeration, Easy away from the bottle, After add diluent quickly dissolve.


      Used to prevent pig infectious gastroenteritis, epidemic diarrhea, pig rotavirus infection, immune period is 6 months; Piglets passive immunity duration to 7 days after weaning.

      【Usage and dosage】

      Houhai acupoint injection(The tail root and anal fossa regions of the middle sag).

      Vaccination, According to the label, use the vaccine special diluent to dilute the vaccine of 1 ml/per head.the needle depth in 0.5-4.0 cm according to the size of the pig age ,Piglet of 3 days of age is 0.5 cm,? deepened with the increase of age of pigs, adult pig is 4 cm,Vaccination remain when the needles are parallel to the spine or slightly up。

      ?40 days before the pregnancy sow to breed each injection of 1 ml,20 days after getting 1 ml every head again. Has been vaccinated pigs born piglets, 7 to 10 days after weaning vaccination 1 ml. Not previously vaccinated pigs born piglets, 3 days of age 1 ml.?

      【Adverse reaction】

      Generally no visible adverse reactions.

      【Matters needing attention】

      1, This product contains Transmissible Gastroenteritis and Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus and rotavirus virus, For by bacteria, parasites, and other causes of diarrhea is invalid.

      2, Immune antibody test before inoculation, As far as possible in the case of low antibody levels used. —-(TGE,PED neutralizing antibody titer is not higher than 1:4,Rotavirus(PoRV) neutralizing antibody titer is not higher than 1:8)

      3, The vaccine in transportation, preservation, the process of use, Should prevent the high temperature, disinfectants and sunshine.

      4, When to vaccinate the pregnancy sow to the sow appropriate fixed, lest cause mechanical abortions.

      5, The vaccine diluted, finished in one hour.

      6, When injection on the Houhai acupoint, Vaccination remain when the needles are parallel to the spine or slightly up, Don't take vaccine injected into the rectum.

      【 Packing and specification 】

      1 dose/bottle; 2 dose/bottle; 5 dose/bottle; 10 dose/bottle

      【 Storage 】

      Belw -20 ℃ preservation, valid for 24 months.


      ?Each piglet injection 0.5 copy of head, 6-24 hours after birth, piglets injection and oral piglet gastric mucosa protectant, can improve the level of antibodies, and generate a strong protection.

      trivalent vaccines

      three combination

      low virulent CV777 strain?

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      Copyright: Jilin Zhengye Biological Products company limited by shares


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