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      Product center


      【Main Composition and Content】

      This product contains Transmissible Gastroenteritis and Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus.

      Before the inactivated virus content were greater than 1.0×107.0TCID50/ml。


      This product is a pink evenly mixed suspension,.after long time stewing, The upper layer clarifies the red liquid,, The lower layer is a light grey precipitate., after vibration wave becomes a uniform mixed suspension.


      Used to prevent the pig infectious gastroenteritis and pig epidemic diarrhea. Used in active immunity, piglet immunity within 14 days after inoculation, immune period for 6 months. Passive immunity of piglets were obtained through the colostrum immune period for 7 days lactation after weaning.

      【Usage and Dosage】:

      Houhai acupoint injection(The hollow part of the tail and the anus).Vaccination, the needle depth in 0.5-4.0 cm according to the size of the pig age ,Piglet of 3 days of age is 0.5 cm,? deepened with the increase of age of pigs, adult pig is 4 cm,When injected, keep the needle parallel to the rectum or slightly higher.

      Befor farrowing 20-30 days, Each sows was injected with 4ml, The piglets by this sow gave birth, within seven days of weaning,injection 1 ml;the weight under 25 kgs of piglet, 1ml/head; 25-50kgs of grown pig,2ml/head;more than 50kgs adult pig,4ml/head.

      【Adverse Reaction】

      Generally no visible adverse reactions.

      【Matters Needing Attention】

      1. The vaccine do not be frozen

      2. Vaccine in transit should prevent heat and direct sunlight

      3 .Shake well before use and use shall be fully vaccine

      4.When to vaccinate the pregnancy sow to the sow appropriate fixed, lest cause mechanical abortions.

      5. Vaccination, should perform routine aseptic operations.

      6.Used vaccine bottles, appliances and vaccines that not use up such as disinfection treatment.

      【 Packing and Specification 】


      【Storage and Period of Validity】

      4-8 ℃ preservation, valid for 12 months.

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      Address:No. 1 Alliance Street, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jilin City, Jilin Province Tel:0432-63047170
      Ji ICP is prepared for No. 18003475 Login address

      Copyright: Jilin Zhengye Biological Products company limited by shares


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